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EdenFrost Communications is searching for a marketing/business intelligence/growth hacker – or some such brilliant combination – intern. Take a step forward in your career with us and gain real-world experience in applying your knowledge to communications and digital media.

We are an Amsterdam-based communications agency looking for fresh talent to join our team of passionate professionals. Together we create, edit and translate content for a wide variety of commercial, governmental and non-profit clients in Amsterdam, as well as specialising in all-round content marketing and digital media solutions.

A love for language is at the core of our high-quality services and should be evident in your own background (study/work). A passion for life in Amsterdam goes a long way too, as knowledge and curiosity about the city is reflected in many of our projects and activities.

An EdenFrost internship offers the opportunity to:

  • get ahead in practical SEO, SEA and web analytics
  • explore all-round content marketing solutions (from social media to video, print publishing, mobile communications and beyond)
  • Within our small team you'll have the chance to work on projects for a host of clients, picking up new skills and learning from experienced international colleagues – each coming from different communications backgrounds.
  • If desired, you can also delve into the world of the CMS (from Sitecore to Wordpress), gain experience in copywriting (multiple styles and tones, varying by client) and even tackle translations (dependent on your international language skills)

Internship duration: ± 6 months

Apply now: send your CV and cover letter to Ed at Samples of any relevant projects you’ve been involved in are also welcome.

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