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    EdenFrost is a leading content marketing and communication agency offering copywriting, translation, social media, content strategy and distribution solutions that drive results.

  • Copywriting

    We craft thousands of words that speak to our clients’ audiences in their voices, about the topics that matter to them. From cultural listings to branded content, Facebook posts to feature articles, we understand which content works and how to work it. Learn more.


    With over a decade of experience and the preferred supplier of several prominent organisations, EdenFrost is the go-to agency for reliable, clear and accurate Dutch to English and multilingual translation. Learn more.


    We’re experts at creating premium video content that resonates with your audience. Rooted in copywriting, journalism, digital marketing and social media strategy, we are storytellers at our very core. Learn more.

    Social media

    We think creatively, act quickly and work in an agile manner to create communities and foster conversations across various social platforms. From building a strategic foundation to producing engaging content, we understand how to harness your potential social media power and turn it into tangible lasting results. Learn more.

    Digital media workshops

    Whether you want to brush up on your knowledge of social media, define a whole new brand strategy or just put all of your employees on the same page, we can help. We offer a range of informal, interactive and engaging full-day or half-day workshops that your whole team can take part in, delivered either at your own office or at EdenFrost’s canal house headquarters in the heart of Amsterdam. Learn more.

    Content marketing & editorial strategy

    From your website copy to your social media accounts, every word, image and video should form a part of your overall content strategy, conveying an authentic, coherent and relatable message to your audience. Learn more.

    Photography and design

    We can help you discover the perfect image for your editorial copy, website or print project. We can also design flyers, advertisements and other materials. Learn more.

    SEO services

    Want higher Google rankings and more site traffic? Great, we can help! Our writers are experts at crafting content that Google loves. Learn more.

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