10 reasons to hire a content agency

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Thinking of hiring a copywriter or content manager for your company? That’s great: it means that you are taking your communication strategy seriously. But why settle for just one member of staff, when you could instead have a whole team of editorial experts at your disposal?

Here are 10 reasons to outsource your content to a copywriting and communications agency today.

You'll save time and money

Hiring an agency for your content will give your core team the mental space to focus on your business’s main priorities (like running a business) without carving out time to blog and tweet about it. Communications agencies invest years of research into refining content marketing strategies and workflows. And billing is linked to clear deliverables, so there is no wasted time or money.

When you have a team of writers to work with, there’s no downtime.

Quality control

There’s strength in numbers. Even if you hire a dedicated person to handle your content marketing, it can never be as effective as working with an entire team of experts. At EdenFrost, we live and die by our reputation, so nothing goes back to the client until it’s been proofread and optimised for clarity, engagement and SEO. And every member of our team comes with at least three to five years’ editorial experience behind them, so your brand is always in safe hands.

You'll get 100%, all the time

When you have a team of writers to work with, there’s no downtime. Which is important in these times, when an occasional article or social media post just won’t cut it. According to Hubspot, companies that publish 16 or more blog posts per month get almost 3.5 times more traffic than companies that publish between 0 - 4 monthly posts. And when you are integrating a social media strategy, the deliverables keep climbing. This roundup of recent best practices shows that, on average, big brands are posting once a day on Facebook, 15 times a day on Twitter, 11 times on Pinterest, one to two times a day on Instagram and once on LinkedIn. Managing this kind of output may be overwhelming for a single person, but is easily managed by a team.

56% of companies surveyed outsource their content marketing.

Your competitors are doing it

If you feel a little daunted, you are not alone. A report by the Content Marketing Institute shows that 56% of companies surveyed outsource their content marketing. And if you are trying to handle your communication in house, it may be hard to outperform your competitors who have enlisted the help of professionals.

Good content = more sales

It isn’t easy to write content that resonates with your audience, but when brands get it right, the gains are enormous. A B2B Buyer’s Survey Report by Demand Gen showed that 75% of buyers said that content had a significant impact on their buying decisions. By hiring experienced writers to craft content that casts your business in just the right light, your company could grow by bounds. In fact, the brands that consumers found to have the most meaningful content generated almost triple the purchase intent in non-customers (38% compared to 14%) and the brands that were perceived as meaningful outperformed the stock market by 134%.

A clear, well thought-out brand identity

When you are living and breathing the day-to-day operations of a company, it can be challenging to take a step back and see the brand personality that is taking shape as your business grows. Fresh eyes can be a powerful tool in identifying your brand’s strengths, differentiators and overall narrative. Once you have that core foundation, you can create content that is meaningful.

90% of people expect brands to produce content.

Your message won't get lost in translation

At EdenFrost we specialise in Dutch to English translation, but we have also built up a global network of tried and trusted translators, so can cover most bases. We follow ISO guidelines for document management, and translations are always proofread by a second linguist. So you’ll never need to worry about language being a barrier to sales or, worse still, making embarrassing translation faux pas (see, we speak French too).

Your customers expect quality content

These days it isn’t just enough to have a great product or service, you also have to provide your audience with stories, articles, videos and posts about it. According to Havas Media’s 2019 Meaningful Brands survey, 90% of people expect brands to produce content. And research by Hubspot says that 47% of buyers view at least three to five pieces of content before deciding to speak with a sales rep. That puts a lot of pressure on your communications strategy.

We're collaborative

An agency like EdenFrost can be as flexible as you need us to be. Want us to work closely with your in-house teams? No problem. Collaborate with other agencies you may have on board? Of course. We can even help set up workflows and planning. It’s all in a day’s work.

You can afford it

Hiring an agency is not as expensive as you may think. At EdenFrost, for example, we work with a range of clients big and small, working out tailored monthly packages to match different budgets and requirements. If you’re wondering how much a copywriting agency costs, just get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.

Still wondering? We always enjoy a chat over coffee, and we’d be more than happy to talk to you about how we help you take your brand or service to the next level. We will take the time to assess your needs, learn about your business and put together a plan that suits. All obligation-free, of course! 


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