• Who we are

    Founded in 2009, EdenFrost is more than a communications company. Call us storytellers, a words agency, data-driven marketing experts or creative perfectionists. Just don’t call us conventional.

  • Meet the team

    We are a team of diverse, passionate and talented professionals who skilfully curate premium content for all communication mediums.




    • Account management

    • Content strategy

    • Editorial director

    Armed with a solid background in digital media, content marketing and project management, Tamar helps organisations and brands communicate effectively to a diverse international audience. A creative, tactical thinker, she thrives on collaborating with clients to bring brilliant, integrated and strategic ideas to life.


    Senior project manager


    • Account manager

    • Project planning

    • Client liaison

    Joanne has expertly wrangled our many and varied projects and enquiries since the early days of EdenFrost. Always smiling, impossible to fluster, and with exceptional attention to detail, she’s a first point of contact for clients and a sunny presence among our team.


    Senior project manager


    • Project planning

    • Client liaison

    • Account management

    Lisa’s positive energy, boundless ideas and collaboration skills bring out the best in our team. Drawing on years of agency and corporate experience at companies such as PVH, LinkedIn and frog design, her talent for always seeing the bigger picture – and then making sense of it all – is an asset to every project.


    Digital specialist

    Content strategy
    Social media

    Online marketing

    For content creation, production and direction, Kamila is our first point of call. Always on hand with creative ideas, her passion for designing meaningful and enriching content shines through. She brings technical prowess across a whole host of online platforms to build thriving online communities. Kamila has grown and nurtured digital networks for global clients, as well as her own passion projects.


    Writer | Content specialist


    • Writing

    • Copyediting, proofreading

    • Dutch-English translation

    Bringing a wealth of experience in writing, journalism and translation, Louise has shaped her career around storytelling, writing and languages. Creatively minded, and a big fan of the arts and culture, Louise is always equipped with clever and imaginative ideas that infuse her work and inspire those who have the pleasure of working with her.


    Senior editor


    • Editing

    • Translation

    • Copywriting

    Journalist, editor, copywriter and translator, Sarah is fluent in German, English and Dutch. She has extensive translation experience across these three languages and since 2006 has worked on publications and websites with a focus on Amsterdam. With a very good eye for detail, she excels in editing, clarifying meaning, and getting the point across.


    Digital analyst | Finance manager

    • SEO strategy
    • Google Analytics
    • HR & finance

    Ed’s acumen for data, statistics and numbers stems from a background in molecular biology. Applying his scientific mind to SEO tools and Google Analytics means no statistic is too complex and no number is left un-crunched. It’s simply… in his DNA.


    Writer | Content specialist

    • Copywriting, copyediting

    • Social media

    • Content marketing

    Empathy is Zoe’s superpower. She can think herself into other people’s mindsets and create messages that resonate with diverse audiences. Her strong belief in the power of words combined with experience in copywriting, editing and content marketing mean Zoe has what it takes to create memorable copy for channels across the digital landscape.


    Videographer | Content specialist

    • Videography
    • Copywriting, copyediting
    • Social media

    Teresa’s background in the arts and passionate love of all things cinematic underpin a highly creative approach to weaving stories with words and images. Armed with an extensive experience in videography and experimental film as well as a decade of wordsmithing, Teresa knows just how to capture the audience’s attention.


    Writer | Content specialist

    Copywriting, copyediting


    From music and film to the arts, Callum is our go-to for engaging content on the cultural and creative sectors. A straight-shooter, with a solid background in copywriting, academia and English teaching, Callum is an expert communicator who loves to untangle complicated ideas through clear and stylish copy.


    Writer | Content specialist

    • Copywriting
    • Journalism
    • Social media

    A skilled writer with a background in journalism, communications and social media marketing, Erene harnesses her talents to create magic with the written word. She’s a general-knowledge whizz with a keen interest in digital media, meaning she can turn her pen to any subject, from history to entertainment and from sports to technology.

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