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Content managing a cultural juggernaut

Case study: Editorial strategy, management and copywriting for

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Our work on one of Amsterdam’s most recognisable sites includes everything from editorial management to CMS work and content production. For over 10 years, we’ve been navigating countless stakeholders and a political presence to provide quality content on a website that draws over 15 million visits per year.

The client

Operated under city marketing organisation Amsterdam Marketing, is a portal site with several stakeholders and target groups. The website offers everything you need to know to visit, live, work, study and do business in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

The brief

In 2008, our editorial manager was commissioned by the City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Marketing to take on the role of head editor of the website. At that time, it was primarily a site for the municipal government to communicate civic information in English. Over the years, the organisations merged and the brief shifted along with it. From what was initially a request to help bring stakeholders and their content onto the same page, the project now spans the full spectrum - content strategy, production and social media.

The strategy

Setting out a strategy for the editorial management and content production of such a complex site is only possible with close collaboration and transparency. Our agile, passionate team of writers, web editors, analysts and translators work on-location and from the EdenFrost office with remote teams, agencies and developers. To maintain unity and efficiency, we have assigned a dedicated project lead to each sector, implemented workflows and content management solutions that have been applied across both organisations.

Drawing from data and analysis, client input and years of experience, we plan and produce on-going and varied content. This includes listicles, shareable video, select cultural agenda, civic information for international residents, and the latest business and startup news.

But our work goes far beyond that of the written word – we’re also experts in in-depth and technical CMS work, keyword analysis, image editing, page templates, A/B testing and have successfully executed five complete site rebuilds.

The result

Beyond the impressive stats – over four million unique views per month – content is top quality, inspiring, thoughtful and reflects the goals set out by Amsterdam Marketing. We recently helped recruit and train a new in-house head editor, who we now work closely with to maintain the on-going success of the site.

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