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Good things happen when we work together. Are you an Amsterdam-based social initiative or non-profit and are you interested in free marketing advice or services? We’d like to hear from you. 

Working together to make a lasting impact 

We all have our part to play in creating a fairer world. At EdenFrost, we want to understand more about the important work that organisations in Amsterdam are already doing to level the playing field, and we want to step up and help them to inspire action in others.    

Through EdenFrost Outreach, we aim to partner with social initiatives and non-profits based in Amsterdam and assist them by doing what we do best. We think we can most effectively support those on the front line of social and environmental change by offering English-language services for free, to help their message reach a larger audience.

What we can offer

Our core business is communication. We write, edit, proofread, translate and so much more - and we are happy to think along with you to figure out what you need most. 

Are you an individual or non-profit looking for some free help with your English-language communications? Here are some examples of the kinds of things we can help you with:

  • Write articles up to 1,500 words 
  • Create effective blog posts up to 300 words
  • Translate your website from Dutch into English 
  • Boost your online presence with a mini-SEO package including a consultation and free tools
  • Google Analytics set-up and consultation     
  • Devise a social media strategy to help increase visibility
  • Produce a batch of social media posts  
  • Create engaging video

We can also help with:

  • Cover letters and CV optimisation 
  • Interview skills
  • Workshops about effective digital communication, social media, and brand messaging 

If you’re looking for some help or guidance with your English-language communications and think that we’d make a good team, please get in touch for a chat, and tell us how we can best support your particular mission. 

Our team is ready to help out where we can, and we’re really looking forward to meeting some of the inspiring people doing great work in Amsterdam.

We’re waiting to hear from you! 

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