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Case study: complete translation of new municipal site

Dutch to English translation

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Tipping the scales at over 250 web pages, the City of Amsterdam approached EdenFrost to take on the translation of their new official English-language website. With our collaborative approach and familiarity with the terminology, the City knew they could count on our team to deliver quality content in a timely manner.

The client

Gemeente Amsterdam, known in English as the City of Amsterdam, is the municipal government for Amsterdam. Its website is the city’s main digital portal, providing access to the latest official information for citizens, focussed on essential services such as municipal registration, work and income, housing, healthcare and policy.

The brief

Until 2017, their content was presented solely in Dutch, while I amsterdam’s 'Living' site was used as the English-language voice of the city. As it was deemed counter-intuitive to use one website for Dutch-speaking users and a separate website for international newcomers who are not yet fluent in Dutch, the decision was taken to host all official information from the City of Amsterdam on one website, requiring a large-scale translation project.

The strategy

EdenFrost worked closely with the City of Amsterdam team in the months leading up to, as well as during, the project. The first task was to examine the existing English-language content and consider what should move to the new site. For the translation, we developed a workflow with the client’s Dutch editorial team and our professional English translators, receiving batches of content and ensuring it was all translated and reviewed on schedule.

The result

The updated English website went live in January 2018 with 100,000 words of new English content, paired closely with refreshed Dutch content. As well as delivering clear, accurate and reliable English translation, our team of dedicated translators helped to make small corrections and recommended a number of refinements across the Dutch content.

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