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Case study: Workshop, copywriting, branding for Broadstreet

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A full-day workshop with EdenFrost resulted in a unified strategy to identify Broadstreet tax specialists’ goals and guide their written communications.

The client

Broadstreet is an international tax specialist based in Amsterdam, offering tax, payroll and financial services to expat individuals and employers of international workers in the Netherlands. After many years in business, the company went through a name change and rebranding in 2017.

The brief

Following its rebrand, Broadstreet approached EdenFrost for help in defining their new brand strategy and tone of voice. They required a unified, overarching strategy to identify the organisation’s goals and inform all written communications.

The strategy

After discussing their needs and objectives, we hosted a full-day brand message workshop with the entire Broadstreet team to share our knowledge and expertise. During the workshop, we worked closely with the client to gather everything we needed to define and create a brand strategy and content guidelines to be used in the company’s entire spectrum of written communications.

The result

Using the information gathered at the workshop, we created a comprehensive brand style guide. Based on the team’s input, the document clearly defined the organisation, including its audience, brand values and unique selling points. We also crafted a mission statement, boiler plate, vision statement and promise statements in short and medium formats, as well as long advertorial copy to be used for a variety of purposes.

“Last year, we moved to a new location and changed our company name to Broadstreet. We asked EdenFrost to assist us with the rebranding.


The team of EdenFrost organized a brainstorm and workshop session with the entire team of Broadstreet; it made us so much more aware of what our USP’s are, where we stand for and where we want to be heading to. In the end, we did not only get their feedback on rebranding, but it gave our entire team a positive boost and eager to achieve something special. We highly recommend their services!”

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