Case study: multilingual translation for refugee communications

Multilingual translation

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Our speedy translation of multilingual communications for refugees arriving in Amsterdam provided helpful and caring messages for the city’s newest residents.

The client

The municipal government for Amsterdam is the administrative hub of the city and provides a wide range of services, including immigration and registration, waste and recycling, housing, healthcare and work and income.

The brief

In 2015, the migrant crisis in the Middle East had a big impact throughout Europe, including Amsterdam. The City of Amsterdam provided aid and housing to refugees who had taken up residence in emergency accommodations across the city. However, they needed a way to communicate multilingual messages to the new, diverse population.

"Even with urgent or sensitive subject matter, the results were consistently top quality and delivered in a timely and professional manner."

- International Press Officer, City of Amsterdam

The strategy

EdenFrost worked closely with the City of Amsterdam's Projectteam Noodopvang to create helpful and caring multilingual communications for refugees arriving and living in the city. As a small agency with a flexible approach, we were able to quickly respond to their team's communication needs, creating speedy translations from Dutch to English, Arabic, Tigrynan and Farsi.

The result

We delivered multilingual messages on a range of topics, from directing the arriving refugees to designated meeting points, messages from the authorities, as well as on-going notices about their accommodation, local community and residential regulations. At the core of each communication is a conscientious tone, conveying official matters with a human touch.

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