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Writing for Europe’s largest hub of scientific innovation meant cutting through in-depth scientific information to produce personable, succinct and customer-oriented text that shows the scientific world why Amsterdam’s where it’s at. Here’s how we did it.

The client

The park not only represents a physical space for science-based companies to set up shop, but the connections it encourages between investors, universities, policy makers and other researchers. Our challenge was to make Amsterdam Science Park top of mind for business developers by showcasing this added value.

Businesses in all sectors acknowledge that innovation is key to staying competitive and profitable. And in science, where potentially world-changing breakthroughs are happening every single day, companies in the know already want to be a part of the action. Innovation is also part of Amsterdam’s DNA. So, our job was to amplify these things.

The brief

But it’s hard to cut through the chatter in this industry. Time-conscious company directors (our target audience) respond better to bite-sized information that makes its point quickly. We needed to approach all website visitors as potential customers, enticing them through “show don’t tell” content that doesn’t hyperbolise or oversell (which let’s face it, isn’t the Dutch way).

The strategy

We wrote a series of long and short form articles, emphasising the features of the park but, more importantly, how they work together. The synergies and personal relationships are at the heart of Amsterdam Science Park’s offering. We needed to show businesses that this collaboration could be the missing ingredient in their next big scientific breakthrough. In short, after reading such inspiring words, companies should pick up the phone and enquire about establishing their business at the park!

The result

We cut through in-depth scientific content to pull out the tangible wins for companies. Our personable, succinct and customer-oriented copywriting addressed target groups using language that resonated with them and examples that would inspire them. The SEO-rich text better connected the park with relevant organisations and thoughtful calls to action guided visitors around the site in a logical way. Most importantly, the new text prompted website visitors to take the next step and make enquiries. Have a look! Visit Amsterdam Science Park and be sure to sign up to their newsletter.

We want to thank you so much for all the wonderful stories you wrote for the new website and I hope you are all also very proud of the end result! 

- Communications manager, Amsterdam Science Park

Our services

  • Copywriting according to client briefing and new site structure
  • Interview innovators at the Park for the ASP website  
  • Write monthly newsletters to engage the scientific community with developments at the park

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