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Seeking: Freelance writers, copyeditors & translators

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We are looking for fresh freelance talent to complete our team of passionate professionals. Projects range from corporate newsletters and business news items to cultural listings and speeches.

Dutch to English translators

  • Precise, accurate, and possess the ability to stay true to the source text while making it sound like it was unmistakeably written in English
  • Allergy to Dunglish, typos and misplaced commas

Dutch wordsmiths

  • Dutch must be your native language
  • Corporate & business writers
  • Cultural & travel writers
  • Eagle-eyed proofreaders and copyeditors
  • Skilled in writing SEO rich, engaging copy for the web
  • Extensive knowledge of Amsterdam is a plus


  • Translate from English, German or Dutch to any other language
  • Proofreaders and copyeditors


Please send your CV and writing samples to

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